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15 Minute Beginner Full Body Flexibility Routine

Whilst I’ve received an incredible amount of positive feedback on the recently posted full body flexibility routine, there has been requests for a more beginner routine. A routine that can be performed at any ability, anywhere, anytime, this is that routine.

You can download a free PDF sheet summarising the routine if you need an offline reminder, just click the button below.

or just watch the full follow along routine on YouTube.

54 thoughts on “15 Minute Beginner Full Body Flexibility Routine”

  1. Thanks Tom !

    I can’t do downward Facing Dog so this routine suits better for me !

    I hope to achieve it this year 🙂

  2. Great video. Do it every morning. It definitely makes a difference on how you feel for the day and also prepares me for my job. I’m a trashman and the routine gets me ready

  3. Hi I am a professional boxer but I’m not professional when it comes to my stretching. Thank you for this I will make it part of my everyday routine.

  4. Love the work out I have problems with my feet and these stretches are the best I feel great the rest of the day it’s hard to believe that a 15 minuet stretch can make me feel so much better thank you so much

  5. I WILL BE PANCAKE! Hehe. Found this wandering on YouTube. What a good opportunity, since I am trying to do the pancake, pike and spatula. Amazing since I had no clue what to do with my upper body. And this gives a nice view for the WHOLE body and correctly, so it seems.

  6. Neglected stretching for way too many years now whilst weightlifting. I’m hoping this can help straighten out some of the imbalances I’ve gotten from being too inflexible. So far….so good.

    Thank you for putting this out there.


  7. steve jackson-shilling

    Seen this for first time this afternoon. Really useful – explained well and
    reminded me of something I always neglect …BREATHE! In seriousness thank you for this. Echoing some of the comments below I have also neglected flexibility for too long.

  8. Thanks for this routine Tom. This is what I’ve been looking. I’m now 47 and focusing on just feeling good!
    I have one question please. I really struggle resting my upper side of the foot ‘flat’ on the floor such as when I’m in the frog position or the shoulder extension reaches to the point where I have to focus more on my feet than the shoulders or abductors!
    I’ve always noticed that throughout my life. Could this be genetics where it’s just much harder for me or shall I keep pushing my feet into the floor until it becomes easier?
    Thanks again.

  9. Beginning a new journey in my life, "Take better care of me". What I’ve seen in this and other videos, by Tom will certainly make this journey successful. Thanks so much for the direction, instructions, and encouragement 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  10. Hey Tom, thanks for your hard work! It´s really appreciated 🙂
    One question: should I warm up before doing this routine in the evening, even though I haven´t trained before?
    Cheers from BERLIN, Basti

  11. Thanks to this Tom. I plan to download it and put it in my room an do it daily. I must say it was painful my first time but good hurt.

  12. Hey man im not gonna lie I don’t do this everyday anymore because I moved on to Yoga, but you have helped me realize how important flexibility and mobility is. And also I wanna point out that you are not just some dude in shape that posts stretching videos, your contents are packed so well that in 15 minutes you can get more than most of those 30 minutes yoga classes, so congrats on your work and keep on going.

  13. I am 62 and I started playing ice hockey again about two years ago (I played regularly all my life but stopped when I turned 52). With COVID shutting all recreational centres, I felt I was losing my ability to stay in shape and staying flexible, and at my age, getting back into a demanding sport after what may be more than a six month absence, will be very challenging.

    I searched for a program that would allow me to ease my way into a routine without getting discouraged. Your stretching video for beginners is exactly what I was looking for. Subsequently, I have also participated in your "Squats for beginners" and this also proved to be very beneficial without it being too aggressive and thereby not discouraging.

    As a retired physician, I find your approach to be very healthy and would recommend this for anyone of any age working up to more challenging routines at our own pace.

    Thank you for posting your videos and helping me personally in maintaining my conditioning while I wait for things to normalize and play hockey again. I will continue your work outs and incorporate it into my daily routine.

    Andre Retel, MD, CCPE (Ret.)

  14. Not too many video for man and yours is just right for a wide range of people. Very professional. Thank you.

  15. I have watched several beginners video’s and this one is by far the best. I have low back pain and these stretches really help.

  16. Hi Tom, I’ve been doing this routine for six months now and its made a huge difference to my flexibility and overall well-being. I’m in my mid-fifties and have been suffering over the last few years with a growing number of aches and pains. As a “lazy” runner I never spent enough time stretching and was beginning to pay the price. Your brilliant routine has set me on course to reverse that…I can almost touch my toes which I haven’t been able to do since I was 15. Cheers Peter

  17. Good stuff.
    I’m am the stiffest sports man around.
    His stretch routine is very good for beginner like me .
    Thumbs up.

  18. Thank you i’ve been looking for a good tutorial for flexibility and better control over my body im currently 16 and i hit my growth spurt at 13 and hit 6 foot to fast it made me struggle moving and i’ve slowly gotten more used to my body and pushing myself i hope to do track but that was halted due to covid for me at least but i hope to push myself next year .

  19. I’m a male of 70 years of age and find this tutorial brilliant; just right in length too for a beginner.

    One query – what is P and F?


  20. I am an alpha male,17,5’11” i tore my anterior tendon/hip flexor after 15 days of consistent exercise daily twice. I will be suing soon.
    P.S I am an extreme left wing idealist

  21. Thanks- this routine is just what I was looking for. I will recheck my range of movement after 4 weeks and will report on any changes.

    1. Hi, Mark. Eight months have passed since your comment. Did you recheck your range of motion and notice any changes?

  22. Eva Lill Aasheim

    I,ve been doing this flexibility routine every day for over a year now.It’s one of the best flexibility routines i’ve been trying🙂.

  23. I have no flexibility whatsoever and decided to change this, having tried your routine for about two weeks I feel definite improvement. Hoping to improve as weeks go by, doing the routine four times a week and I feel this needs to increase. Great presentation and professional approach on the site.

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