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15 Minute Full Body Mobility Routine

This full body routine has a slightly different focus to the other follow along routines I have created before as it focuses on a mobility flow.

You can think of flexibility as passive lengthening of muscles whereas mobility is more of an umbrella term, of which flexibility is a part, for moving a joint through it’s range of motion.

You can download a free PDF sheet summarising the routine if you need an offline reminder, just click the button below.

or just watch the full follow along routine on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “15 Minute Full Body Mobility Routine”

  1. Thanks man, great stuff as always.
    When would you recommend doing that routine?
    as a warmup before a workout? post workout?
    or perhaps first thing in the morning?

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  3. I’m a 58yr old woman who is getting stiffer as I get older. I see some people in their 90’s who seem very flexible and mobile so I realise I need to begin changing my ways now if I want to be anything like that later.
    Do you have any videos that would be suitable for my age group at all?

  4. I love this routine and the other 15-20 flexibility/mobility videos. Still doing it once or twice weekly when I don’t have time in the morning for anything longer but it definitely helps me start the day right.

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