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15 Minute Shoulder Flexibility Routine

This routine has a slightly different focus to the other follow along routines I have created before as it focuses solely on the shoulders.

You can download a free PDF sheet summarising the routine if you need an offline reminder, just click the button below.

or just watch the full follow along routine on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “15 Minute Shoulder Flexibility Routine”

  1. Hi Tom, really enjoying your routines. I always get frozen shoulders, knot in behind my shoulder blade that seems to originate in the middle behind my shoulder blade and runs down my back and also up to my neck, when it gets really bad hampers the movement in my neck, what is the best shoulder routine you would recommend to free this up or ideally to prevent it in the first place.

  2. Do you have any recommendations for how often this should be done? Is it ok to do it every day or would you suggest a rest day in between?

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