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Adam Meakins – Calisthenics, Injury Rehab & Soft Tissue BS | Warrior Podcast #4

Episode 4 of the Bodyweight Warrior Podcast, I am joined by the straight talking Adam Meakins.

Adam Meakins is a physiotherapist, a strength and conditioning specialist, and an extended scope practitioner with an interest in the management of the shoulder and upper limb working in the NHS and private practice in Hertfordshire, England. He’s known for his no-nonsense, common sense approach to injury rehabilitation sharing it around the world through podcasts and workshops.





NAF Physio Podcast:


  • Intro: 0:05
  • Background: 1:15
  • Expectations around injury rehab: 4:10
  • Self-efficacy and injury: 7:32
  • Injuries in calisthenics: 9:20
  • Why Adam uses handstands: 13:41
  • Instability in the shoulder: 16:50
  • Being fragile sucks: 19:05
  • Your body is stronger than you think: 21:58
  • Prehab isn’t what you think: 23:38
  • Warming up properly: 25:00
  • Soft Tissue BS: 27:20
  • Stretching and pain: 30:19
  • Trigger points: 31:38
  • Are painful areas the issues?: 34:28
  • Can you self diagnose injuries: 37:23
  • How to find a good physio: 40:57
  • Emotional management of injuries: 43:30
  • Is pain part of rehab?: 46:00
  • Where to find Adam: 48:13

You can also listen and watch this conversation over on the Bodyweight Warrior YouTube channel.

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