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The Path To Getting Strong And Flexible

If you don’t have a consistent goal in life, you can’t live it in a consistent way.

Marcus Aurelius

Developing strength and flexibility is in my opinion an essential component to anyone’s physical practice. It will improve your health, both mentally and physically, allowing you to keep moving freely into old age. It can appear online if you’re not committing 4,5,6 days a week then you’re not doing enough to reap the benefits but this is the furthest from the truth; something is absolutely better than nothing. Whilst we can delve deeper into the rabbit hole and explore the different goals our body is capable of, it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture; we do it consistently.


As a beginner or starting training following a break, improving a broad base of strength and conditioning should be the primary focus. In the context of bodyweight training, getting flexible or just feeling strong and healthy for everyday life; this is where I’d start.


1-3x per week is plenty for the type of workouts provided. Less is always more when starting, this is about long-term consistency. You can always add more training when fitness and recovery improves.


6 chin ups, 6 dips, deep squat, wall angel, fingers to floor pike

These goals are a good level of strength and flexibility, not basic. Unless you have more advanced goals, this ability will be more than enough to have you covered for most of life’s activities.

If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.



Once we have a broad base of strength and conditioning, it is natural to apply specificity and work on loftier goals. For bodyweight training, these are Planche, Front Lever, Handstand Push Up, and One Arm Chin Up. For flexibility, these are Pike, Bridge, Front Split, Pancake, and Middle Split.

All of these moves are impressive in their own right and will likely take years to complete. It is important to pay attention to progress and celebrate the small wins so you stay on track towards those goals.


1-2x per week is sufficient for focused strength work. It is common to think more is better but unless the goal is skill oriented, such as the handstand, then there will be fatigue and required recovery from these sessions. These workouts may benefit from additional “grease the groove” style work done on rest days at a low intensity but working the movements or positions that are the goals.


This advice, and workouts, are intended as a middle path. They will have you covered at the basics but leave room to venture off on whatever practice peaks your interest on the way. Physical practice is essential but we’re not athletes, there will be peaks and troughs throughout our life. When there is less capacity, focus on staying healthy and doing the basics. When there is more, see what your body is capable of!

If you’re still feeling stuck and need extra guidance towards your strength and flexibility goals then access all my programs in the app! Members additionally get support and advice via the forum to help your training stay the course.

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