Whether your goals are bodyweight strength, mobility, body composition or simply living better, a selection of personal training programs and workshops enable Tom to work specifically with you.

Personal Training

We are all different. We have different abilities, body types, needs and goals.  Tailoring your training, nutrition and lifestyle yields optimal results.

Included as standard:

Absolutely no cookie-cutter programs, ever.


Online Coaching

£300 per month, min 6 month sign up
Fully Booked, Currently Unavailable

Phased training blocks of individualised programming based on your assessments and goals. A full, comprehensive assessment covering current posture, biomechanics, goals, performance, training history, metabolic typing, nutrition and lifestyle. Video consultations each block providing in-depth feedback and advice to maximise training results.


London Coaching

£350 per month
Limited Availability

Phased training blocks of individualised programming based on your assessments and goals. Absolutely no cookie cutter programs, ever. Monthly meeting in London (at Local Motion Studios or Move Hackney) including a 1 hour coached training session (and coffee) for specific feedback, technique adjustment, assessments and more.

First session will include a full and comprehensive assessment covering posture, biomechanics, goals, current performance, training history, metabolic typing, current nutrition and lifestyle.

Live Video Consultation


A 60-minute one-to-one consultation to answer any questions you have regarding strength or skills training, mobility, nutrition, lifestyle and more. Follow up email support to answer additional questions.


Learn to combine balance, strength & flexibility.

Upcoming events

Zurich, September 22-24th

Join Tom at the fantastic Laboratorium gym for a weekend of handstands, strength, and flexibility. Open to all abilities.

Day 1 | Balance

Handstands – 2.5 hrs

Day 2 | Strength

Bent Arm – 2.5 hrs

Straight Arm – 2.5 hrs

Day 3 | Flexibility

Upper, Hamstrings, Front Splits – 2.5 hrs

Pancake, Middle Splits – 2.5 hrs

New Workshops

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